Sunday, March 27, 2011

So to recap...

This is what I have been doing since I last posted:


Working some more.

Doing a little more work.

Letting the dogs in and out 60 times a day.


More working.

Spending an evening at Urgent Care to get super duty drugs for the sinus infection that came raging back.

Working some more.

And then more as I started feeling better again.

Hmmm, what else?  Oh yeah, eating and sleeping, although the sleep has been hard to come by at times.  And I've scooped litter boxes multiple times a day.  And dog poop on the weekend.

What I haven't been doing:

Sewing.  Not one stitch. 

I did take yesterday off for a quilting day at Dawn's, but did I quilt?  No I did not.  I was too mentally brain dead to even attempt it.  Even the simplest quilting task seemed too difficult.  So we went to the quilt store instead.  I found a few fabric bargains, a great pattern and we both got a new marking tool for quilting using our 40% off coupons.

Did I take pictures of any of the stuff I bought?  No I did not.  Because that would involve more effort than I've got energy for right now.  Just know that the fabrics are brights, some with dots, and they are right up my alley lol.

Oh, I did do a bit of mindless crocheting on a cat mat for the shelter while at Dawn's yesterday and after I got home, using some yarn I recycled from a thrift store afghan.  Do I have a picture of my progress so far?  Again, no.  But I'll tell that so far I've used bright purple yarn, yellow yarn, and green yarn.  It's very colorful.

So that's what I've been doing.  And now my 15 minute break from work is over, so have to get back to it.  We are in the final push to April 15th and I am counting the days!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Days!

Yes, the days are very happy around here lately.  In spite of the tremendous amount of stress on a daily basis from the dogs and work, my days are definitely much, much happier than they were a year ago, so it's all good. 

I have found some time to work on the blocks for my dot quilt nearly every day.  Some days more than others, but even little bits of time add up.  The fabrics in the blocks are so happy that I'm thinking that Happy Days might be the appropriate name for this quilt, particularly given how happy I am feeling while I am making it.  What do you think?  Or maybe Happy Days Are Here Again would be better?  That was the first name that came to mind, but it seemed a bit long.  Maybe not.

I plan on making 90 blocks at a finished size of 8 inches.  I have been working on the first 30.  Here they are so far.  I will keep adding strips to each until I can trim them to 8 1/2 inches.

And here's a closeup of a few of the blocks.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Good Week in the Sewing Room and Look What Arrived!

I had a very productive week in the sewing room, but don't have anything really exciting to show for it.  I got the backing made for Chocolate Covered Cherries and also got the batting cut so that quilt is now ready for basting.  The rest of the time I spent pressing my new dot fabrics that I purchased back in November and cutting a strip from each for my dot quilt.  I am now ready to start sewing on the dot quilt, so I should have some actual progress pics to show soon.  During the pressing process, I also finally admitted that my iron is indeed going, so I ordered another one off Amazon that will hopefully arrive soon.

Speaking of Amazon, this arrived this week:

Woo hoo!  I tried so hard to win a copy during the blog tour, but alas, I didn't win.  This new book by Kim is everything that everyone has said about it and more.  Awesome, awesome quilts in this book!  I had thought I knew which one I was going to make first, but when the book actually arrived, I changed my mind and I think I am going to make the cover quilt, Picnic, using the Kaffe Fasset fabrics that I started collecting last summer.  So add that to the "must do soon" list, along with the zillion other projects that are already on that list lol.

I needed a bit more in my order to qualify for free shipping, and forgetting all about the power cord I need for my new postage scale, I ordered this:

I truly loved the music that was popular when I was in high school, so as they come out with CDs of some of this older music, I have been picking them up when I need something extra on Amazon to get free shipping.  I have been listening to this CD since it arrived and it is great!  As a side note, I forgot about the power cord AGAIN when I ordered the iron and ordered a book to get free shipping.  For the exact same price as the power cord I might add LOL.

Burgundy Buttons also got the Max & Whiskers yardage in, so I ordered the background piece that I needed for my applique project as well as a few extra cuts of the bone prints that will work with some of the other pet fabrics I've collected for a different pet quilt.

This weekend will be filled with lots of tax work as well as some yard work, but I'm hoping I can squeeze in some time to start sewing on the dot quilt.