Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sassy Strikes Again!

Yes, Sassy has managed to break something else.  This time it was my ancient blender with a real glass container, not the plastic ones you get now days.  You can about guess what kind of mess that made when it met up with the ceramic tile.  She managed to get the thing, which probably weighed as much as she does, all the way from the back of the counter to the front and off the edge.  Here is what part of the floor looked like (you can't see the pile of crushed glass under the counter) and what the pitcher looks like now.

It's a good thing she's so cute or she would be looking for a new home!  Just kidding.  Really :-). 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hot Off The Sewing Machine!

Lest you think I have been sitting around eating bon bons since my last post on, ahem, August 19th, I assure you that is not the case.  I have actually been sewing!  Yes, it's true lol.  And I took lots of pictures during the process that I intended to post, but obviously that didn't happen.  But I am posting the finished quilt top, so surely that should count for something. 

This quilt is S's Christmas present, and he knows about it, so no worries about spoiling the surprise.  In fact, I was furiously sewing blocks into rows and then rows together when he was here last weekend.  Last night I attached the borders and here is the finished top, which apparently meets Sassy's approval lol.

The pattern is Radio Flyer by Carrie Nelson and the fabrics are a mix of the Moda Java and Bistro lines by Deb Strain combined with creams and tans from my stash.  More backing fabric is on the way, after I realized I didn't have enough, so next up is piecing the backing when that gets here so I can get the quilt to my longarm quilter by October 6th and the bound and finished by Christmas!

In addition to working on this quilt and preparing tax returns for the tax deadline that was yesterday, did I mention that S and I bought a house while I was in ND in July and that it closed escrow on the 8th of this month?  No kidding.  So we've had a bit going on with that and now that he has taken possession this week, next up are flooring changes and painting.  Lots and lots of painting.  I will be heading up there to help in the near future and on my to do's for today is a trip to Lumber Liquidators to look at the laminate in person that we picked out together online last night.  If it's a go, then he will get it ordered so it is ready for us to install during my October trip. 

This weekend is the big move for him so he can get his house on the market ASAP.  My big move will come early next summer.  Since our real estate market is so poor down here, we figure the best move is to rent my house for now.  Anyone looking to rent in Phoenix starting next summer?

So that is what has been going on in my neck of the woods.  Oh, and killing scorpions.  I'm getting kind of sick of that, but hopefully scorpion season will be over soon.  I will spare you the pictures of those.  Suffice it to say that in the last week I have not only seen the smallest scorpion I have ever seen in my house, but also the largest.  Yuck.  And I have a new pet.  Stuart.  As in Stuart Little.  Yes, it is a mouse.  He lives in my garage and I did buy a trap with which to humanely kill and dispose of him, but then I read online that mice eat scorpions.  He seems to be a bachelor mouse, so as long as that is the case, he gets to stay, provided he eats the scorpions, which I think he does since the dead ones I leave in the garage seem to disappear by morning.  That seems like a win/win to me.