Thursday, July 8, 2010

Koda's First Year - Cute Puppy Picture Alert #2

Today is Koda's day to have his first year summarized in pictures.  Koda was born on February 11, 2003 in Estonia.  He had to travel for two days and take three planes to get here.  He was only supposed to travel for one day and take two planes, but he missed his connection in Houston and had to stay overnight and catch a flight out the next day.  He arrived in Phoenix on May 1, 2003 at 11 weeks old and a weight of 23 pounds.

Some pictures from his first week or so with us:

He found the big dogs food right away and the raised food bowl didn't deter him one bit:

So tired!

Learning to beg from the master herself:

Hanging out in the yard:

Sticking close to his new best friend:

The Three Muskateers:

Koda got in a few messes when he was a puppy.  This incident occured a few weeks after we got him:

All clean again!

What a difference a month makes.  The food bowl is no problem now, except for the fact that he's supposed to be eating the puppy food.

This one is at almost five months old.  Koda grew really fast at first and then just stopped.  He's actually quite small for the males in this breed at only 90-95 pounds.  Maya is a large female at 110-115 pounds.

And now we have a teenager!

At about 9 months old - finally filling out in the head a bit:

With his favorite human (DH) at about the same age.  DH created a monster by letting him on the couch.


The next photo is one of my favorites of Koda of all that we have.  It's from December 2003, so he's still not a year old yet, but he's gotten rid of his baby face and I think he looks so majestic in this picture with his beautiful head.

Koda and his human again, also from December 2003, as is the next photo of him standing by the pool.  He's a big boy now!

Koda also had quite the sock fetish for awhile, which was kind of patethic for such a large dog.  He would steal socks, but only sweat socks, either clean or dirty, and carry them around the house and then lay with them.  He never chewed them or damaged them in any way.  If you tried to take the sock away, it stressed him out to no end.  His habit went on for a number of months and then stopped as suddenly as it had started.  He hasn't touched a sock since.

Here he is with one of his socks right around the time of his first birthday:

I hope you enjoyed this photo montage of Koda's first year!


Winona said...

Oh, Koda is such a handsome guy. Loved seeing his first year in pictures just as much as I loved Maya's. Hope you are enjoying your visit. Winona

Denise in PA said...

He is so beauitful - as is Maya! I love seeing the photos - dogs are such wonderful beings aren't they o:)

Loris said...

Sweet photolog of your beautiful Koda. What a character. I have one of those monster DHs that is spoiling our golden right at this moment taking a nap with him on our bed (with the cat too)
"I get no respect" :-)

Char said...

What beautiful pictures. I've always been a cat person, but your dogs are so beautiful, I think I'm in love.

Thelma said...

I like how you said Koda is small, 90 - 95 pounds...hahaha. He's a very handsome dog! Estonia, how in the world did you get a dog from Estonia!!

Cooper's STILL into stealing stocks, but only my husbands!!

Anonymous said...

Yes I did! Thank you for lovely momenst and laugh with your dogs and cats!
I just found your blog and it is wonderful!
Best wishes from Crete: Teje and 'Nero'