Saturday, November 5, 2011

Back From the Quilter and Echo Approved!

I was back in ND the last couple weeks of October working on the house some more and seeing family.  It was a great trip and I have been accumulating pictures for some blog posts with before and after photos of what we have done so far with the house.  Guess I should probably finally post those for my bedroom down here too since I completely forgot about that.  A sneak peek of the bed and one of the lamps is in the picture below.

When I got back from my trip, S's quilt was ready for pickup from my long arm quilter, so here it is, all quality control tested by Echo and ready for trimming and binding.  I am hoping to get the trimming done yet today and the binding attached by machine.  The binding is made, so I should be able to get that done.  I want to start sewing it down while I watch the new Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel tonight.  I just love that channel during the holidays.  It seems to have the best movies.  In my opinion anyway :-).

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Barb said...

Turned out wonderfully!