Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Quality Control Team

Since this is a blog about quilting and pets (and probably some other hobbies and life thrown in too), I felt I should introduce you to the current quality control team. We have three full-time members and one that is semi-retired. Actually, I'm saying that to be kind to the semi-retired member as they never really did step up and do their job. Sigh. But, the other three more than make up for the slacking on the part of member #1. So, without further adieu, here are the current members of the quality control team.

Sammy, semi-retired

Sammy is her own cat and spends limited time interacting with the humans of the house and most definitely does not want to interact with the other animals, with the exception of Sassy, whom she tolerates, as evidenced by the picture. Sammy is the black and white kitty in the picture and Sassy is the calico. So, it's easy to see why Sammy has been kind of a slacker with her quality control duties.


We used to describe Tyrone as always into something, but since the addition of the two members below, we realize he's actually quilt calm compared to them. He mostly likes to inspect the finished quilts and generally can no longer be bothered with checking the steps between the start and the finish. On occasion he shows up for a surprise inspection, but doesn't stay long and rarely has any negative comments.


Echo is one of the newest members of the team, having replaced Nika, who passed on in October at the age of 19. Like Tyrone, Echo generally doesn't inspect much until you have a finished product, or close to a finished product. He and Tyrone both diligently inspect all quilts being quilted if they are left unattended at the sewing machine for very long. Echo also spends a lot of time sleeping on the finished products to ensure that they are soft and snuggly.


I guess you could describe Sassy as the Quality Control Manager since she wants to have her little nose in every step of the process. I have tried to explain that surprise inspections while I'm cutting fabric may not be the best plan if she prefers to keep her tail and all appendages intact. She is also diligent about inspecting all ironing of freshly washed fabric and the basting of quilts. She doesn't care much about inspecting the piecing at this point, except when the blocks are laid out on the bed for assembly.

So that's the current team. I'm sure you will continue to hear alot about them since all of the animals are in integral part of our daily life.

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jillquilts said...

Sounds like my two dogs! They will find the tiniest piece of fabric anywhere and lay on it! lol