Sunday, October 24, 2010

Indian Summer Top is Complete!

Dawn and I both purchased this kit by Judy Niemeyer during a Memorial Day sale in 2009.  The kit included all batik fabrics, but they were random colors rather than autumn colors, so not quite as much of an Indian Summer look like on the pattern cover, but pretty nevertheless.  We both worked on the quilts last summer and I got as far as the quilt center before I got burned out on paper piecing.  Never one to leave a project unfinished for any length of time, Dawn soldiered on and completed the flying geese pieced border using the foundations provided in the kit and ultimately had her quilt top complete by the end of the summer.  Mine has been sitting in the closet since then.

Last weekend when I was at her house, she had gotten her quilt basted and was starting on the quilting.  Well, that prompted me to drag mine out for our quilting day yesterday.  In the spirit of actually getting it done, I went with plain borders rather than the flying geese, although I did use the same fabric that I had planned to use with the pieced border.  I also cut the binding strips, which will be the same burgundy fabric as in the inner border.  Dawn used the same fabric for her inner border and for her binding as we bought it at the same time, but my outer border came from my stash, as did all of the fabrics that I am using for the back.  Gotta love that stash!  Here is my finished top: 

And here is Dawn's with the flying geese border:

I find it interesting that even though we started out with identical fabrics in our kits, our quilts still ended up looking different due to the different fabric combinations that we used in each block.  Her top is also slightly larger than mine as she used the piecing lines for flannel so that her blocks would end up a bit larger.  I used the regular lines for mine.

Getting those borders cut and sewed on, and the binding strips cut, was the only thing I got done yesterday!  It was a heavy talking day, we took a long lunch, and we both got multiple phone calls during the day, so I suppose it's not bad considering the amount of time that we actually spent quilting was not that long.  I'm hoping to get the back made soon so I can get going on the quilting.  Now that I've got the top done, I'm anxious to get this quilt completely done.  I'm thinking I may hang it on what will soon be one of MY walls.  I'm really looking forward to making this place mine.  It should be fun!


Barb said...

Oh wow...that is one awesome it was all paper pieced?

Thelma said...

I've only worked on one paper pieced pattern but it was by Judy Niemeyer. I loved paper piecing, each block was just perfect. I keep saying I need to do another one of Judy's patterns, this one is a winner.

Great Job Laura!

Terry said...

Both quilts are beautiful! Good for you getting yours finished up! :0)

Karen said...

I love this pattern. I have it and it's on my to-do list one day. Probably after I retire LOL! Great job.