Monday, January 17, 2011

Much to Say and No Time to Say It!

It has been a zoo around here!  The divorce was final on January 3rd and the hearing went off without a hitch.  And then the flurry of paperwork began to make changes to accounts, beneficiaries, etc.  The Texas house closed escrow this past week, which involved a trip to the bank to get documents notarized and then a trip to Fed Ex to send the documents back. 

Tax season officially began on January 5th when the tax returns started rolling in so work has been super busy too.

The animals are all still living with me and they have been a bit stressed with all of the changes and have not been on their best behavior, which is an understatement in some cases.  Now that the Texas house has closed escrow, once T has the funds from the closing, he can start house shopping in Ohio and hopefully be back to get the dogs and his cat by the end of tax season.  Hopefully I can make it until then!  They are keeping me hopping and driving me a bit batty as well lol.

I also got my bedroom/quilting studio furnished.  The bed and tables are exactly what I wanted and match better than I could have ever hoped.  Dawn's daughter had a table virtually identical to my sewing table that left with T and she also had a bookcase that fit perfectly with the rest of the room.  That left the lamps.  Oh, the lamps.  The process of finding and actually purchasing the lamps ended up becoming such a comedy of errors that I had almost given up when things finally fell into place.  I did take pictures today of the furnished room, but don't have time to load them all right now.  I will hopefully have time to do that this week and will tell you the story of the lamps at the same time.

I would like to say that there has been some quilting going on around here, but that is not the case.  Nada, zip, nothing.  Not one stitch or cut or anything remotely resembling quilting, other than putting quilts on the new tables and bed in the bedroom.  I have been so busy that I haven't even had time to think about quilting let alone actually do it.

So that's what has been happening around here for the past two weeks.  In a nutshell, it has been organized chaos lol.


Barb said...

I hope that all this craziness come to a halt for you soon and you can get back to living again.

Glad you are getting your sewing room up.

Darlene said...

Organized chaos is not bad if you're happy. :-)

Loris said...

Ditto to what Darlene said. Hang in there till it all gets sorted out. It is nice to hear your room redesign has worked out well. Will look forward to the pics.