Friday, October 19, 2012

My Latest Project

I have been in crochet mode lately, which is good since I seem to be spending a lot of time watching football these days and I can crochet while I watch :-).  I have a lot of cotton yarn on hand from my dishcloth crocheting and have also just bought a bunch of new colors that have come out since the last time I went cotton yarn shopping.  I just can't resist the fun little balls of color lol. 

I am not interested in making more dishcloths at the moment and in fact probably need to sell some of the stockpile I have, so what to do with all of this yarn?  Well, I decided to make an afghan using some of the dishcloths I already had made and then filling in the rest with more dishcloths (squares) made from some of the new colors as well as yarn I had on hand.  I wish I could say that I used more of my stash yarn than new yarn bought, but I would be lying.  So this is my progress on my "dishcloth" afghan. 

I know it is not the norm to use cotton yarn for afghans because it is a little heavier, but I always get a little sad when these beautiful colors are used in dishcloths that get dirty and fade over time.  This way I can look at them and enjoy them while sitting under my afghan :-).  Dodger helped me some too lol. 

He is such a good kitty.  Very playful, but loving too.  We are very lucky that he found us.  Here is another cute picture of him on my office chair.

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Terry said...

What a great way to use up the wash clothes! But I think you missed the point of stash busting! LOL