Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Gaggle of Geese & Other Random Stuff

Tax season is officially underway, but I have been trying to carve out some sewing time in the midst of the chaos as it helps keep me sane.  And calmer lol.  I have been working on a few things this week as I've had some snippets of time.

Way back when, a number of years ago, I started a Corn & Beans quilt made with batiks.  I had extra in all of the strips so using my triangle rulers, I cut flying geese units as well as other block components from the extra.  This week I sewed up a bunch of the geese.  And no, I have not yet finished the original quilt.  In fact, I still have probably half of the cutting left to do.  It's going to be a very large quilt made up of 6" blocks :-).  So here are my gaggle of geese for the week:

I also got the binding attached to this little orphan block trivet that I quilted at least two years ago, probably three:

I haven't posted many cat pics lately, so I thought I would remedy that as well.  When I prepare the fabric bolts for sale in the shop, I clean up the end of the bolt and get rid of the wrinkly part and make a nice straight edge to start with.  Of course being a scrap quilter, I am keeping all of those cutoffs.  In fact, I am keeping them separate and have selected a pattern to make a quilt just from those cutoffs.  Kind of a scrapbook for the shop and a record of all of the fabrics I have ever carried. 

I washed the latest dark cutoffs yesterday and had them piled on the cutting table.  Sassy of course thought they were perfect for a nap.  But then she decided the basket with the unwashed light cutoffs was even more comfortable :-).

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