Saturday, April 27, 2013

Soaking Up The Sun!

We have been in Phoenix for almost a week now and are soaking up as much sun as we can while we are here since it was still cold when we left ND last Sunday.  It was finally warmer there yesterday but it's supposed to cool back down again and until the warmer temps stick for a week, I'm not counting on them staying around.

Besides enjoying the warmer weather here in Phoenix, we have been selling all of the remaining furniture in my house down here, which was most of what I had as we moved very little.  We have renters lined up for at least a year, possibly two, so figured we'd just clean everything out and start fresh if we are ever in a position to spend more time down here, which we aren't right now or for the foreseeable future.

We have also been enjoying our backyard wildlife.  We had cameras up here to monitor the house so DH put one out by the quail block in the yard and now we have a live quail cam going lol.  Here is a still pic he took:

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