Sunday, May 5, 2013

Scott's Stocking

Whew, after a whirlwind trip to Phoenix to sell a house full of furniture and pack up, donate, or toss whatever else was left, I need a vacation from the vacation!  Consequently, I've been a bit lazy since we got back on Thursday night.  I spent much of yesterday catching up on TV shows that had been DVR'd the last few weeks and while doing so, I got a lot of stitching done on Scott's stocking.  I started this piece on our trip to Phoenix in December and did work on it a little bit during this last trip, but not much. It's probably 80% done in this pic:

The pattern is Reed's Stocking by Shepherd's Bush and I am stitching it on 18 ct Natural Linen using Caron Impressions threads (50/50 silk/wool blend).  These threads are expensive but so amazing to stitch with and SO soft!  I plan to stitch a stocking for myself as well using the same linen and threads.

I've also been working on some shop stuff putting together new fat quarter packs and adjusting the pics for new fabric to load on the site.  I really want to sew, but didn't feel that my brain was quite ready for that given that I couldn't even decide WHAT to sew lol.  I am feeling marginally less exhausted today so maybe by tomorrow I will be back to normal.  Fingers crossed anyway.

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