Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chocolate Covered Cherries

While I love the chocolate covered cherry candies (Queen Anne brand please), this post is about the quilt that I cut out yesterday which will be named Chocolate Covered Cherries.  You will see why in a minute.  I've never made a two fabric quilt before.  I hope I don't get bored with the piecing before I'm done.  I have a very short attention span, which is probably why I make a lot of small quilts and scrap quilts!

Fabric out and ready to press.  Check. 

Isn't is yummy?  I got the brown/pink fabric with a 40% off coupon and then found the pink that matched perfectly.  And that was when the idea for the two fabric quilt was born.  I'm using the Bento Box pattern with strips cut 2 1/2 inches.  Doesn't this kind of remind you of chocolate covered cherries?

New rotary blades for the cutter.  Check.

Ironing board set up, brown fabric unfolded and ready to press.  Check.

Hmmm, the fabric seems to have taken on some weight.  Remove cat from pile of fabric below the ironing board and store in bedroom (the cat, not the fabric).  Return to ironing board to find second cat laying on the top of the board.  Remove second cat and store in bedroom.  Finally get the fabric pressed and ready to cut.

First up, the borders.  I hate cutting borders, or anything that involves cutting long pieces of fabric.  I am inept at cutting through multiple layers in this situation, so I have to ever so carefully straighten one side and then cut through one layer the entire way, which takes me forever.  Since the brown fabric was a 5 yard piece, I sucked it up and cut the border strips along the 5 yard length to avoid having to piece any of them.  I did the same for the pink fabric for the inner border, but the length wasn't quite as long.  Here are the borders all cut.  I cut the outer border 6 inches to allow for squaring up of the quilt after quilting, but still retaining a minimum of a 5 inch border.  Plus, it was easier as that is the width of the ruler.

Once I got all of the 2 1/2 inch strips cut from each fabric, the subcutting actually went pretty fast as I could cut three layers at one time.  Here are all 20 blocks with the fabrics sorted, stacked and ready to sew.

And for those of you looking for a kitty fix, here's the three muskateers lounging a few days ago.  The boys were sleeping on the bed when Sassy horned in and joined them after getting removed from my sewing chair so I could use it.  You can't really tell in the picture, but they were spread out like spokes on a wheel.

And here's what happens when Sassy finds someone else, in this case Tyrone, in HER sewing chair when she wants to use it.  You can see that one of her arms is wrapped around his neck, but she actually had both of her little arms wrapped around his neck and was biting him in the face.  She's little, but she's got spunk!


Terry said...

Love those fabrics! :0)

Allyson said...

Love that pink batik! And of course, the cat pics are hilarious. You have some rascally little cuties!