Monday, November 1, 2010

Indian Summer is Quilted!

This weekend I ditched pretty much everything else that needed to be done and spent the weekend having my own personal quilting retreat.  It was fabulous!  I was raring to go on Saturday morning, so after my coffee, I got out the backing fabric for Indian Summer and got the back made.  I had already prewashed the batting the day before, so next up was layering and basting so I could get started on the quilting, which was what I really wanted to do.  I had the basting all done by late afternoon.  I took a trip to my personal thread shop and selected King Tut #933 for the top and Essentials #20882 for the back.

I quilted and quilted and quilted and by late Sunday afternoon I was done.  I thought I was done earlier than that, but decided that the quilt needed some more quilting, so back to the machine I went.  So here is Indian Summer all quilted and ready for trimming and binding:

A couple closeups of the quilting on the front:

And the back, with a closeup of the quilting there as well:

And you had to know that I probably had some help with the process over the weekend.  I had help in the sewing room and Echo also helped while I was basting the quilt.

I also learned the hard way on Saturday night that I can never, ever leave thread on the sewing machine unattended when Echo is around.  I came back to find the King Tut thread chewed in half and a piece sticking out of Echo's mouth.  When I pulled on it, about 2 feet of thread came out.  YIKES.  And please note, you are never supposed to pull things like that out in case it's already ingested and wrapped in their intestines, but I just reacted.  Thankfully he hadn't swallowed it, but I didn't know if he had eaten more thread, so he got a couple of syringes of peroxide (it makes cats vomit).  Within five minutes the peroxide worked and thankfully no more thread.  But lesson learned.  Echo has now eaten yarn and thread, and seems obsessed with both, so I will have to be extra careful so he doesn't get into something that could kill him, which both of those things can do if a cat ingests them.


Loris said...

Your Indian Summer is beautiful! Nice work getting it quilted this weekend. It is good that you have machine 'technicians' right in the house with you. Who knew they would eat the thread though! Glad Echo didn't hold onto it. I've never heard that about the peroxide...good to know in a crisis. Is he going to need another bath? :-)

Terry said...

Congratulations on getting your Indian Summer quilted! It looks great! :0)

SheilaC said...

Your quilt is beautiful, and great job on the quilting.

I am so glad that Echo is ok and you got all the thread. I caught my Harry (in my blog header) eating a rubber band the other day. Luckily he didn't swallow it. The things these guys get into!!

I had not heard that about peroxide, it is good to know.

Hugs to you and the kitties


Judy D said...

Your Indian Summer is gorgeous! Your thread stash is to amazing!!
Your Echo needs a time out......I have dogs that like to chew thread spools! Naughty things but we still love them!!!

Allyson said...

That cats poking around the sewing machine pics are hilarious! Your cats must use up every single one of their nine lives. Love it!

And Indian Summer is to die for. Absolutely gorgeous.