Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday to Echo!

According to the Humane Society age estimate, Echo turns 1 year old today so this post is to wish him a Happy Birthday!  To celebrate, all of the other kitties got some of that stinky canned cat food they love so much.  Echo, on the other hand, completely turns his nose up at any canned food, so he got 3 nuggets of T/D, which is a prescription dental cat food that they only get as a treat since it is not only expensive, but very high in calories. 

Here's one of the best pictures of Echo we have gotten.  He's very hard to photograph with being all black.

Echo and Sassy have now been with us for 5 months, but it seems like much longer as they fit into the household as if they had always been here.  They both enjoy interacting with the dogs, something that none of the current or previous cats do or did much of. 

Echo is obsessed with playing with the dog food and was the first at the dishes this morning when they got filled.  He painstakenly selects just the right piece and then he's off and running with batting it across the floor, picking it up and moving it somewhere else, and then starting the process all over again. 

He's truly a joy to have around.  He gets along with all of the other animals and generally doesn't do anything he's not supposed to, other than laying on the TV receiver.  He's not much of a talker, but does protest loudly when you ask him to remove himself from the receiver.

He is my snuggler at night and gets as close as possible to me with his preferred position being snuggled up to my chest with his head tucked under my chin.  The only downside to his snuggling is that sometimes he takes a long time to decide on his perfect position and walks on my hair (thereby pulling it) and head while he's surveying the possibilities.  On occasion he actually chooses my head as the spot, at which time I am instantly awakened as I cannot breath through the weight and the fur.  So we renegotiate and he either finds a position that is acceptable to us both, or he leaves.  He is not a lap cat at all, but boy does he like his night snuggles and he starts purring LOUDLY the second his feet hit the bed and he continues purring until he's completely settled in and asleep.  He purrs so loud that you can actually hear him from across the room.

So Happy Birthday to Echo today.  I am so happy that he was at the Humane Society when we were looking for a new cat and that he selected us to be his family.  He is truly one of the best cats we've ever owned.


Char said...

Echo is a very handsome fellow. My cats like that stinky canned food also.
Happy Birthday Echo!

Thelma said...

Happy Birthday to Echo, a very attractive cat......where did the name come from?