Friday, March 19, 2010

Work is kicking my butt this week

I just finished my time input for the day and I'm at 57 hours so far for the week.  As a result, there has been virtually no quilting going on and certainly nothing that is photo worthy.  So, I will post a couple of kitty pictures instead.  The first is Tyrone and Sassy watching birds one morning.  We feed the birds, so we have quite a nice collection of quail and morning doves that visit each morning and evening. 

And here's Echo sleeping in one of his favorite spots, which is sprawled over the top of a piece of exercise equipment, the handles of which are now covered with socks because he was chewing on them.  I don't know how this position is comfortable, but it must be because he goes to sleep with his head and front legs hanging off the front and his back legs hanging over the sides in the back.  Whatever floats his boat I guess.


Thelma said...

These cat stories are adorable, your cats have some interesting habits. If the dogs had an agent they would be screaming for equal blog time.

StitchinByTheLake said...

57 hours is way too many hours to work in one week! blessings, marlene

jillquilts said...

Too cute!!! Just a few more weeks and things will calm down! Keep reminding yourself!

Now.... I just gotta get to my taxes soon! lol