Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Little Quilting and a Lotta Furbaby Pics

It was another very long week for work, so not much quilting got done, but I did knock off at 5 p.m. on Friday in order to go to the first annual Moonlight Madness gathering at the new shop I mentioned a few posts ago, In Stitches Fabric.  I hadn't seen or talked to Dawn for a couple of weeks so it was nice to catch up with her, as well as another quilting friend Barb, whom I hadn't seen since our former quilt shop closed down, and along with it the Friday night Quilt Ins we all used to attend. 

I worked on the binding for the Tequila Sunrise quilt that I blogged about in the last part of this post.  In theory I should have been able to complete the sewing down of the binding, but with all of the gabbing going on, I didn't get much further than where I had been when I got there. I'm hoping to finish it up tonight so I can actually log a March finish.  The binding is the same as the border fabric so the picture in the other post is pretty much what it's going to look like when it's done.

And of course I bought a few things while I was there.  Jan, the owner, offered us 20% off our purchases for the night, and they had some new batiks that had just come, so I picked up a 1/2 yard of the light one and 1/3 yard cuts of the others.  I also bought a couple of 1/3 yard cuts of "modern" fabrics, which seems to be my latest obsession.

Ok, enough about quilting and on to the furbabies. I know that's why some of you are here LOL.  First up we have this cute picture of Sassy.  She likes to sleep in my sewing chair, when she's not stealing things from the room, and this is how she was sleeping one day this past week.  If my head ever ends up in that type of position, you can probably assume that I've hurt something really badly.

While we are on the subject of Sassy, let's move on to the bad thing she did.  You had to know that she had done at least one bad thing, didn't you?  She's actually done more than one, but only one was picture worthy, and I didn't get the best picture because I didn't have the camera in hand when she started the activity.  

Here's part 1 of the story:

Obviously you can tell she is intently staring at something. That something was these mosquito on steriod sort of bugs we get that fly around.  When she got bored with the staring, this happened:

She leaped straight up and grabbed the curtains with her front paws and braced herself with her back paw on the door.  You can see how high she is by the door handle.  The picture I didn't get was her climbing the curtains on the other side like she was climbing a rope. She was clearly quite skilled at the exercise, but given that my blood, sweat and tears went into making those curtains, she was immediately removed before I could even think about grabbing the camera.  But, Sassy being Sassy, we just knew it was only a matter of time (minutes, actually) before she would be back at it, so I grabbed the camera and waited.  I didn't have to wait long.

Finally, I caught Sassy laying in the sun today, so I snapped a quick picture.  The sun was hitting her perfectly to show off her gorgeous coloring.

Ok,enough about Sassy. Poor Echo needs some blog time too.  And, as luck would have it, Koda and Echo were hanging out together by the back door today, so I got a couple of pictures of Koda too. Someone, who shall remain nameless (Thelma), has been hasseling me about the lack of dog photos on the blog, so hopefully this will suffice for now. 

While Echo routinely sits and stares out the back door, Koda does not, because he can simply go outside to enjoy the scenery.  He is a dog, after all, so he doesn't have to stay in the house.  However, today the dogs were given soup bones as a treat and they aren't allowed to bring them in the house, for obvious reasons.  Koda brings his all the way to the door and tries to cajole us into letting him come in the house with it, but finally gives up and comes in without it. 

And then he proceeds to guard it from the other side of the door. 

Apparently he doesn't view Echo as a threat to the bone as he let Echo come up and sit right beside him and stare out the door with him. I had hoped to get a picture of the two of them looking out the back door, but as I walked up with the camera, Echo turned around to walk towards me.  He did lay back down though, so I got some nice pictures of him and Koda together and some good ones of just Echo.


Thelma said...

Just call me the official unpaid agent for your dogs!!

Thanks for taking the time to blog about your quilting life, what you bought and the pets. I enjoyed your post. I know this is a busy time for you!

How does that cat get it's head in that position....

Your animals sure have shiny coats!

Allyson said...

Oh my gosh, how in the world did your cat get into that position?? That hurts just looking at it! I even rotated the picture to get an idea of how she was laying. WOW. That just boggles my mind.

Your dogs sure are pretty. Even if they won't pose for many photos.

Happy April Fools tomorrow!