Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All laid out and ready to assemble!

I started work extra early today in hopes that I could squeeze in some quilting time to get the rest of the Chocolate Covered Cherries units ready for assembly.  I managed to find time to do that this morning so here is the quilt center all ready to sew together.  With borders, the quilt should finish about 60 x 72, so a nice lap size.

Yesterday I discovered that my feline friends were apparently very pleased that I had raked up the leaves from under the Ficus trees.  They were out in force pecking around.  I particularly like the quail.  I buy a special block of food just for quail to keep them coming around and then throw out regular bird food too, which the other birds seem to like.  This picture of the birds in the yard was taken through the patio door and I think it turned out pretty good even through the glass. 

Earlier in the day there were four quail out pecking around.  I tried to sneak out the door to get some pictures of them, but they got spooked and flew up on the wall.  I got a nice picture of one of them and another picture of most of the group.  If you look closely, there are three quail on the wall in the second picture.  The fourth one went into the tree.

And now it is back to work for me!  It is tax season after all lol.


Loris said...

Well, your cats have a nice show to watch with all those birds :-)
Your Chocolate Covered Cherries looks beautiful. Like it better than the real thing. Nice work!

Barb said...

Your quilt is coming along wonderfully!