Friday, February 25, 2011

The Mother Lode of Fabric Arrived Yesterday!

I have gone on a bit of a buying spree lately, to ahem, put it mildly.  One of the shipments was delayed, so everything showed up yesterday.  I almost had to make two trips from the mail box because the stack of priority boxes was so big!  The unusual thing about these purchases is that I have a plan for everything.  Normally I am either just stash building, or collecting fabrics of some type for a future quilt.  Not this time.  All that means is that I need to get using this stuff right away.  No pressure or anything LOL. 

The first order I had placed that got delayed was for these two cute little fat eighth bundles from Moda.  I think it was genius when they came up with these bundles.  Fat quarter bundles are just too much for so many of us, and a fat eighth bundle is more usable than two layer cakes.  Oh, and I got both of these from Judi & Clint at Green Fairy Quilts.  This was my first order from them, and I will definitely order again.  After my budget recovers from these latest purchases!

The first one is Max & Whiskers by Basic Grey.  Did you know that this fabric line is also available as scrapbook paper, which Basic Grey also designs?  In fact, I think they started out designing scrapbook paper and then extended that into fabric.  In any event, here is my little bundle of Max & Whiskers.  I plan to make an applique quilt with it, already have the layout, etc. pictured in my mind, but will leave you wondering until I actually get around to making it.

The second fat eighth bundle I got is Lovely by Sandy Gervais.  Sandy is one of my favorite fabric designers, but usually I'm drawn to her autumn and dot fabrics.  For some reason, I was really drawn to the color palate of this line even though  floral prints are not something I work with a lot and there are quite a few in this line.  My plan for this bundle is a Schnibbles Times 2 quilt by Carrie Nelson, pattern still to be selected.

And now to the really big purchases.  I am not a coffee drinker, except for occasional coffee shop splurges, but that doesn't stop me from loving coffee themed fabrics.  Especially those by Deb Strain for Moda.  Last summer I found some of her Bistro line on sale, so picked up some pieces in the blue/tan colorway.  On Saturday while avoiding on a break from work, I was poking around the Burgundy Buttons site just for fun.  Note to self...if you stop just "poking around" you will probably stop making so many purchases!  Anyway, I found the Java fabric line by Deb Strain on sale.  Within 30 minutes I had selected a pattern, another Carrie Nelson pattern, Radio Flyer, figured out that the FQ bundle had the perfect amount of fabric for it, found border and binding fabrics from the line also on sale, and placed my order.

And then I realized that A) I really didn't like the two major colorways of the line all mixed together, which meant I didn't have enough fabric for the quilt, and B) I couldn't figure out where the orange and green really fit in with the rest and wondered why they were even in the line, particularly the orange.  To me, that is really out of place.  So now I was stuck with a pattern I wanted to make and not enough fabric and remembering why I make scrap quilts and not quilts from specific fabric lines!

I thought about it for a bit and then started wondering what my chances were of getting more of the Bistro fabric line, even though it came out in October 2008.  When I am looking for older items like this my first stop is Ebay and once again, Ebay came through.  What are the chances of finding an entire FQ bundle of Bistro on Ebay, just when I needed it, on sale and with free shipping?  I figured it was meant to be and bought it immediately.  Both orders arrived yesterday and here are the fabrics in all of their loveliness.  I actually like the Bistro line better overall, but there are also some great fabrics in the Java line that I can't wait to use.  Java is on the left and Bistro is on the right.

The current plan is still to make Radio Flyer with the Red/Black/Brown colorway and use the red yardage you see for the outer border and the brown fabric below it for the inner border and binding.  Then I want to make a second quilt with the Blue/Tan/Cream colorway, with possibly some of the green from Bistro thrown in.  The green and orange in the Java line are definitely out at this point.  The oranges will fit in perfectly with my autumn fabric stash and the greens can just go in the general stash.  The blues are different, with the Java blue having sort of a teal tint to it, but I think they can work together when mixed with the tans and creams.  So that is what arrived in the mail yesterday and my plans for it.

If you want a better look at both lines, here are links to them on the Moda site:

I've also still been plugging away on getting fabrics ready for the dot quilt, so I'll have a progress update on that soon.  As well as the pictures of my finished bedroom.  I got so busy, I forgot that I had never done that post and I got a reminder about it last week.  Soon, I promise.


Denise in PA said...

Awesome! I love mail days like that. I was laughing reading your story - we have the same shopping habits! o:)

Char said...

Wow,lucky you lots of nice fabric. I like Sandy Gervais also.