Monday, February 8, 2010

Forgotten Finish & Weekend Activities

With the events of last week and the horrible cold that hit me on Friday night and which still continues, I forgot that I hadn't posted about a small finish I had last week.  I got the binding sewn down on this little quilt during the many phone calls about my uncle.  It's my second UFO finish for the year.

This past Saturday Dawn and I had one of our quilting days.  First we hit the Super Bowl sale at our closest quilt shop and this is what I got - 10 spools of some of the new King Tut colors.  I got two spools of Wisteria plus 8 other colors.  Everything in the store was 30% off so it was a great sale.  I didn't even look at the fabric as I didn't need anything.  Please refer to the pictures under the Stash label and you will know why LOL.  I didn't need the thread either, other than it was colors I didn't have, but it's rare to find King Tut on sale, so I figured why not.  The total cost was only $60, including tax, for 10 spools.  Not bad.  And yes, that's Echo's paw in the upper right corner.  I was lucky to get this picture as he was trying desparately to play with the threads.

Speaking of Echo, here's him "helping" me work last Sunday.  I was only away from the computer for a minute and this is what I found when I got back.  Thankfully this time he only launched the task manager.  Earlier in the day he messed up the fonts so badly that we had to go back to a previous restore point to correct it.

After Dawn and I finished at the quilt shop, I got to work on making the binding for a quilt that I'm going to send to the aunt who lost her husband last week.  I made the top in 2003, had it quilted in 2008, I think, and it's sat in the closet ever since as I didn't have any real plans for it. Plus, it needed a reversable binding that I didn't know how to make.  Now that the quilt has a purpose, I want to get it to my aunt as soon as possible, so I figured out the binding, made it on Saturday, and got it sewn to the top today.  Hopefully I can get the handsewing done by the end of next weekend.  We'll see since I'm way behind at work and tax season is in full swing.

The top is made from large floral squares that were exchanged as part of a Scrap Club I was part of in 2003.  My aunt loves her flower garden, so I'm hoping she will like the quilt and that it will give her some comfort as she grieves her loss.  The quilt looks like it was set on point, but it was actually pieced in straight rows and then the quilt top was cut diagonally through specific points, the pieces flipped, and then sewn back together.  Close up you can see that the points are all cut off on the edges, enough so that it gives you a clue that it either wasn't set on point originally, or the maker was really bad at piecing and chopped all of the points off :-). 

That is all I've gotten done the past couple of weeks, other than tax returns and more tax returns, but it is that time of year.


Mary said...

What a cute little quilt -- it's been over a year since I made a small one and I'm about ready to do another one.

I'm so sorry to read about your uncle's death.

Quilty bird said...

Awwww, what a sweet kitty! I recently cleaned up my laptop desktop and found "I" had downloaded lots of weird files and named them things like mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and ddddddddddddddddddddddd. Why yes, I do have cats that like to lay on my laptop, why do you ask??

Regina said...

I had read about that technique - would you do it again? It looks great but I was not sure how the cut line would be to match back up.

jillquilts said...

You had a busy weekend! I agree that you got a great price on the thread!! And too funny about the cat on the laptop!!

Jenni said...

What a funny place to sit - I suppose it's the warmth. Nice shiny coat.