Sunday, February 21, 2010


My name is Laura and I am a Scrap-a-holic.  I love everything about working with scraps.  Pressing them, cutting them to size, storing them in pretty little containers and finally sewing with them.  I am always on the look-out to add to my scraps.  I not only save all of my own scraps, but have also had people donate their scraps to me at classes or quilt-ins rather than throwing them out.  Of course I happily accept *grin*.  Dawn always has a bag waiting for me when we have our quilting days.  Getting scraps from other people is like Christmas for me.  Actually, it's even better than Christmas.  I get a much bigger kick out of a bag of scraps than I do out of the most beautiful piece of a single fabric.

By now you've probably figured out how much I love scraps :-).  The point of this post is that I got a call on Thursday that my name had come up for a Scrap Bag at one of my local shops.  Yes, I buy scraps too, when I can get them for a decent price.  This particular shop is about 25 miles from my house, so not real "local", but by Phoenix standards it is, so I made the trek over today when traffic was lighter.  These bags are so popular that the shop has a list of people who want them and they call you when your name comes up.  Each bag is 2 pounds of scraps and the cost is $3.50 which is quite the deal, in my opinion.  The shop keeps the strips they cut off each bolt to get a clean edge and then they make up these bags.  Sometimes there are kit cuttings included as well, but mostly it's strips of varying widths.  So here's the little bag of treasures that I picked up today.

While I was there I poked around and found a few more things to come home with me.  The magazines are older issues and were 40% off and the smaller print floral fabric was also 40% off, so it was a pretty cheap day.

And finally, I finished binding another small quilt during the Olympics last night.  Just a basic one patch that I made to use up some fabrics.  The background on this quilt is here


Leah S said...

Wow! What a deal. :) That's gotta be like 6-8 yards of fabric. Are you planning on string quilts or cutting them down into squares and such? I can't quite tell how wide the scraps are.

Thelma said...

A nice story to be sure, but SCRAPSS....I keep mine but don't like to. I mentioned once at my quit guild that when I finished a quilt, I just threw away whatever I didn't use.....there was a gasp followed by a long silence. So now I bag them up. I have one plastic bin full of scraps and have started on my second! So far I've used one 1 1/2 inch strip from my scraps...and that's it!!

jillquilts said...

What a great deal!! I love scraps and scrap quilts, too, but I don't like the trimming and sorting! lol