Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday to Sassy today!

According to the Humane Society age estimates, Sassy turns 1 year old today.  Little did we know when we named her that we were picking the perfect name.  Her name at the shelter was Cat-a-Lina and her previous owner paperwork said her name was Squeak, neither of which appealed to us.  I was reading a novel at the time that had a store named Sassy Lassy and I thought that was pretty cute, so we named her Sassy.  She was such a sweet little kitty while under quarantine for the first week we had her, but during the second week in quarantine she decided she'd had enough and wanted her freedom, so free she was.  That was the first sign of her true personality.  She does whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and if you scold her she talks back to you, literally.  She rarely does a full meow, but rather trills and squeaks as her primary form of communication, which is probably how she got her original name.  She's a lovey dovey purr machine when it's her idea and we love her to pieces, so we hope she is with us for many years to come.  Here's a picture from this past weekend. 

Happy Birthday Sassy Lassy!

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jillquilts said...

Happy birthday to Sassy! Did you have a party? Or just give her an extra treat? :)