Sunday, May 2, 2010

Binding Making Party

I spent yesterday at Dawn's and my goal was to get binding made.  Which I did.  Miles and miles of binding. 

I got the binding made for Long Tall using the same fabric as the border fabric:

And for Strings from Stash.  I used the same light teal fabric as was used for the inner border.  I figured I would just link to this one since you've since this quilt a number of times recently.

Then I made the binding for this little top, now called Sweet 16, using the same fabric as the border fabric.

And finally, I made the binding for these little quilts:

I ended up using a brown civil war print for the binding that I got in the Fat Quarter Shop grab bag box rather than the pink dot shown above.

And finally, I was going to use that same brown print to bind these little coasters I am making from the leftovers from the two quilts above, but Dawn and I made a quilt shop run for some border fabric for her and I found a cute little remnant that was perfect, so I used that instead to make the binding for the coasters. 

Here's all my bindings ready to sew on the quilts.  The brown one in the middle is the remnant piece.  I also find it funny that the purple batik binding looks smaller than the teal binding when it's actually longer.  Batiks just press so much flatter.

The little quilts still need to be basted and quilted, but I'm hoping to get the binding machine stitched on the two large quilts today.  Right after I clean my sewing machine.  The tech told me it was really easy to take the bottom off and clean myself, so I'm going to give it a whirl.   

Oh, and here's a couple of kitty pics for those of you visit for those :-).  First we have the two boys enjoying the view from the front door yesterday morning. 

And Sassy relaxing on the kitty house.

And I actually got a good picture of Maya the other day with one of her bones so I'm sharing that too.


jillquilts said...

Great job on making all the bindings! That can be such a pain!

Anonymous said...

Wow Laura, I love all them!!! Great job and how I love scraps!!! Your babies are so precious also! Good work!

Cara said...

Your quilts looks great! And your pets are adorable!

SheilaC said...

Your quilts are beautiful!! Binding is my least favorite part, I can empathize!!

And thanks for sharing pics of the furry family members :) They are sweet


Mary said...

Look how busy you are? I need to get some more quilts bound too and a stack that someone bound for me needs labels.