Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Whole Pile of Quilts Ready for Binding

I got a bunch of small quilts quilted before leaving for Texas and I brought them and the bindings I had made, as well as fabric for a couple more bindings, with me to finish here. I’ve now got the rest of the bindings made and all have been attached. I finally came up with a way of finishing the binding with a final seam at the end without involving any rulers or drawing of lines on the fabric.

Here’s the pile of little quilts all ready for the hand sewing down of the binding. There are 6 quilts in the pile – my two little quilts from the Moda Blush charm pack (pieced in 2010), Sweet Sixteen (pieced in 2010), Halloween Cat quilt (UFO), Bargello quilt (UFO), and Playtime (pieced in 2010).

We’ve been having nightly visitors in our yard again this year. We have two white tail does that have come by each night. They show up when it’s almost dark, so this picture isn’t the best, but you can see them in the side of the yard.

DH also found this beautiful caterpillar while working in the yard. The white parts in the picture were actually lime green so it was very colorful.

He was also surprised by a black scorpion on one of the rocks he picked up.  He thought it was dirt initially.  Don't worry, he didn't get stung.  We know they have scorpions here, so we keep an eye out, just like at home, but we didn't realize that they had black scorpions as we've never seen one that color.  I took a couple of pictures of him/her on the rock, but I'll spare you those. 

For those of you needing a Sassy fix, here’s a picture of her examining the watermelon I bought to bring on the trip.  She's such a nosey nelly.  Always has to take part in everything.


Terry said...

Nice pile of quilts! We used to have deer in the yard all the time at our last house. Wild turkeys too. I miss seeing them!

Loris said...

Watermelon..mmmm :-)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

That looks like a caterpiller that will turn into a Monarch butterfly. They like to eat milkweed. Sounds like you have been keeping busy! Cheers! Evelyn

jillquilts said...

Gorgeous pics!!! Sounds like you guys are seeing quite a bit of your 'neighbors!' Enjoy your trip!!!

sharon said...

Monarchs are the most beautiful butterfly. I was looking for patterns with butterflies when I found your pic.

I always have plenty in my butterfly garden at home.