Thursday, May 27, 2010

Well It Took Five Months...

Having seen it happen to other bloggers, I figured it was only a matter of time before I received an Anonymous comment attacking me or the content of my blog. I have been blogging for nearly five months and had been safe from such comments until today. I told my husband when I initially posted about him being a hunter that I could possibly offend some people or lose some readers who were against hunting. If that applies to you, I respect your views, but I would ask that you also respect that my blog is not only about my quilting, but about my life, of which my hunter husband is obviously a big part.

“Anonymous” commented today on my post about my husband’s deer he got on Tuesday and suggested that not only I refrain from posting pictures of dead animals, which by the way I did not, nor did I ever intend to do, but to also limit my blog content to my quilting and homemaking activities. Seeing as they left the comment anonymously, I cannot respond to the poster personally, but would probably want to address this issue publically anyway since the comment was displayed publically.

My husband doesn’t kill wild game animals for sport. He’s a meat hunter and he does it to keep our freezers full. We consider it one of the ways we can eat more natural, organic food. I will assume that “Anonymous” must be a vegan that doesn’t eat any of “God’s creatures”, as she referred to them, because if she buys any meat at all, including tuna in a can, that simply means that someone else killed and packaged God’s creatures for her. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but those are the facts. The animals didn’t get into those packages on their own.


Terry said...

ROFL @ The animals didn’t get into those packages on their own. Why do some people not even realize that? Sorry you had to have a nasty comment like that. Just ignore it and keep posting what you want to. It's your blog!! :0)

Cara said...

People can be dumb sometimes. My husband is a hunter as well, and even though I don't share his passion I do respect it. And like yours he uses as much of the animal as possible. And I do agree in general hunting is a more humane way to get meat then the store where all sorts of horrors go on.
People suck sometimes and will complain about anything.

jillquilts said...

OH crap!! I meant to reply here instead of the other post. I'm a ding dong! lol

Well, I'm sure you got the gist of it! lol

It looks like you guys are having a lovely time!! Love the pic of the zebra!

Sinta Renee said...

I can't help but comment here. I am sorry about your annonomous commenter. People often offer their opinion... which is often ignorant. Maybe this person has never purchased food from a meat counter at the grocery store, or does not wear leather shoes??? It's just one degree away! Hopefully they are strict vegetarian. Otherwise their opinion means nothing.
I work for an environmental consulants, ya know saving endangered species. I also have a son that is a hunter- that makes it possible for another person to be one degree away. I know you know that.

Sharon said...

My son is a hunter, and he uses the keeps the deer population down. Here in Missouri we have had a problem with too many deer and they are becoming ill, as well as destroying property. I have a good friend that loves animals and just doesn't understand the damage a deer can do to crops and yards....and she eats meat...I just have to smile and keep my mouth shut when she starts in on I watch her eat her steak...hmmm?
It's your blog, post what you want, and I think you can set it so that you don't recieve anonymous comments?