Sunday, January 31, 2010

16 Patch Surprise top and Color Catcher String blocks done

I actually got some sewing time today.  Yippee!  I have mostly taken the day off of work, but I have to go through the project list later and prioritize the returns that are in as well as finish up the accounting work for a January 31 year end projection, but I can do both of those things on the laptop while watching my Sunday night TV.

The first thing I worked on were my color catcher string blocks that I first posted about here.  I got all of the strings sewed to the foundations and here they are before I trimmed them:

And here are the trimmings that were adding to the pillowcase for future pet beds:

And here are the finished blocks.  I played with a few layouts, but didn't come up with anything I'm happy with yet.  I know there will be some sort of sashing or offsetting blocks, but I just can't decide on what exactly.  I'll let the project marinate for awhile while I work on other things.  I'm sure something will come to me.

After I was done with the string blocks, I went back to work on my 16 Patch Scrap Surprise, as I've been calling it.  I got the top complete.  It's all made from stash and the border fabric I used was one of the very first fabrics I bought when I started quilting so I'm glad to have that almost gone.  I saved what was left to use for the binding unless I come up with a different idea for the binding in the meantime.  The top measures approximately 26 x 26, so a nice little wallhanging or table topper size.

I also sewed some leader ender blocks in between the other projects and I'll press those and call it a day, quilting-wise anyway.  I need to give my dad a call so I'll do that while I'm pressing.  DH has got fried chicken, baby carrots and crusty french bread on the menu tonight, so I've got just enough time to call dad before the dinner bell rings.