Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cross Stitch Pieces Framed & Ready to Hang

One of my goals for this year was to get these two cross stitch pieces professionally framed.  I finished the stitching on both of these pieces in 2009, so for once I wasn't dilly dallying too much to get them framed and on the wall.  We won't discuss the year in which the stitching was started.  I waited patiently until Joann ETC had a 60% off your entire framing order coupon, which happened to be in June, and then took both pieces in to have them framed.  They were ready for pickup when I returned from my trip to North Dakota.  Can you believe that the framing for both of these pieces with custom frames and museum quality glass was only $120?  Plus tax, of course. 

I've found that the key to getting pieces framed at places like Joann's is to find a good framer there that understands how to properly frame needlework using silk pins and stretching and then make sure you ask for them to do the work.  I know how to do it, and Joann's will let you do the stretching and pinning part yourself, but I find it's more cost effective to just pay the pros to do it if I'm buying a custom frame, etc.  If I am using a frame I have on hand, then I do everything myself.  Don't even get me started on what Michael's did to some of my pieces.  Never again will they touch any of my stitched pieces.

The first piece is by Shepherd's Bush, whom you cross stitchers out there will probably recognize since they've been around so long.  I love their pieces.  This one was a kit called Old Glory.  It's stitched on linen with silk thread.  Interesting lesson learned with this piece.  I have always washed my silk pieces before framing, even though they say not to, and I've never had a problem.  Until this piece.  I used the Orvis soap for needlework like I've always done, but this time, one of the green silks used in the flower sections completely lost all of it's color.  Everything else was fine, but I had to take all of that stitching out and re-do it. 

The second piece I had framed is "B" by M Designs.  I've met Mary, the designer behind this lovely piece, and for a time we talked frequently via email and on the phone.  She's a great lady!  Anyway, she charted an entire alphabet using this letter styling.  The letter "B" is the only one I've stitched so far and it represents our last name.  I stitched this piece on hand-dyed linen with Silk 'n Colors thread in Amethyst.

And for the kitty fans, here's Sassy helping me with some of the fabric I washed last week.  As a side note, that dot fabric is one that I picked up in North Dakota.  Isn't is great?

Testing the pile:

She also made sure that the drying rack was ready for the laundry I was doing:

She's so helpful!


jillquilts said...

Those look great! I have had nothing but great luck with our Michael's here. I know that they were looking for cross stitchers to hire for framing and that is the only store that I have been to. The pieces that they did for me look fantastic!

Great job with getting them finished!

Thelma said...

I didn't realize there was so much involved when framing cross stitch projects. I do take my stuff to a stitching shop that also does framing, so I guess I've been lucky! So sorry you had to do the green stitches twice, but I DO love those Shepherd's Bush patterns. My daughter and I have both finished projects by them.

I love both pieces and think the framing is wonderful, the mat on Old Glory is a perfect match.

Great Sassy pictures!

Loris said...

Great cross stitch! It looks wonderful all framed up :-)
Send photos of adorable Sassy to Anne at Bunny Hill and be entered into a contest...big basket of goodies for a win :-)

Winona said...

Sassy is very good at her job. LOL Love the pictures of her. Your cross stitch pictures turned out great. Our daughter took several projects that I had cross stitched for her over the years and had them professionally framed. Sure made my work look fabulous. (grin). Yep, I love that dot fabric. Winona

SheilaC said...

Your stitchery is beautiful! Shepherds Bush is a favorite of mine!!

Sassy has the most beautiful face :)

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Beautiful cross stitch pieces.
A hug for Sassy.