Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lots of Cat Mats Done!

When I took my trip to North Dakota recently, I took a lot of yarn with for crocheting cat mats on the plane and when visiting.  It was definitely worth the luggage space it took up.  I even bought two more skeins of yarn while I was there since I was quickly using up what I had brought with me.

I got six done while I was back home.  This picture only has five mats in it because the sixth one was completed in the car on the day I left and I didn't get a picture.  All of these mats were left with my sister to mail to me along with some other things of hers that she is passing on to me.  These weighed just enough to put me over the weight limit for my checked bag.  They also couldn't be put in my carry on because that was jam packed with all of the fabric I had purchased, which weighed far more than the cat mats.  So, they had to stay behind.

I've gotten a few more in this style completed since I've gotten home.  Actually, the colorful one in the picture below was mostly completed on the plane ride home.

I had some other yarn I wanted to use up, a melon color and some black, but rather than alternate the two to make the type of cat mat in the above pictures, I used a J hook and crocheted with two strands at a time, one of each color.  I've never done that before and it was surprisingly easy and didn't take long at all to whip up the mat below.  I will definitely use that technique again, maybe for a scrappy rug for the house.  The colors in the picture look more orange and black, but the reddish yarn was really a melon color.  This style is really thick and sturdy.

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Loris said...

The cats will love them!
Interesting idea about using the 2 strands..may have to try that now too :-) It came out cute!