Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Zipper Done

Just a quick post today to show you my stitched piece I finished recently - Bent Creek Summer Zipper.  I started stitching this piece in early July while on vacation and signed my name to it on July 31st.  It must be some sort of record for me to actually start and finish a stitched piece in the same month.  Usually it's not in the same year!  And, I am diligent about "signing" my stitched pieces, even though I am still completely lax on getting my quilts labeled.  The stitched pieces are so much easier to sign than doing a quilt label, but that's no excuse.

Here's the stitched piece. 

The reason it's named Summer Zipper is because these kits come in cute little zipper bags and there was one for each season.  So far I've stitched Autumn and Summer.  The bags are great!  They are super sturdy.  This designer had another Zipper series where the bags were long and skinny like pencil cases and I've been using one of those bags forever as my take along sewing kit with needles, scissors, seam ripper, etc.  It's perfect and is still holding up all these years. 

I posted about one of the other Zipper pieces back in December in one of my first blog posts.  Since most of you weren't around then, here is that piece again.  It was called Scared Crow Zipper and it was super fun to stitch.

And here's your Sassy fix for the day.  She looks innocent in this picture, but what she's really doing is waiting for us to leave so she can pull the clothes down that are hanging on the drying rack.  We now either need to lock her up or lock the clothes up while they are drying.  Little holes from kitty nails in clothes are not a good thing.


Terry said...

Love the summer zipper! Good for you getting it done so quickly! :0)

Loris said...

Love the cross stitch...specially the bee :-)
Sassy is adorable and yes, transparent...clothes (fabrics) were meant to be pulled on it seems.

Carrie P. said...

Very cute X stitch projects. Thanks for coming by my blog.

Winona said...

Cute cross stitch pieces. Sassy does indeed look innocent. HMMM, are you sure she is doing it? LOL She sure is a cute thing. Winona

SheilaC said...

Bent Creek is another of my favorites!! I have several of their designs in my stash.

And how could you think that the sweet innocent kitty had any "evil plans" on her mind?? Look how cute she is! hehehe

They can be stinkers! :)


PS love that halloween quilt too!

Mary said...

Cute! On my personal and most gift quilts, that's all the labeling I do, I hand embroider my initials and the year - sometimes on the front of the quilt and sometimes on the back. So at least I know what year I finished them!