Monday, August 2, 2010


I mentioned in a previous post that scorpion season is upon us here in the desert.  Well, we have just had something happen that has never happened in the previous 13 summers that we have been in this house.  I was working away in my office and DH was in the kitchen when we suddenly heard hissing and what we thought was a cat getting beaten up by one of the others.

Not so much.

DH went to investigate, as did Koda.  He got there in time to see Echo take off running.  When he caught up with him he realized that he had a scorpion in his mouth, as evidenced by the tail hanging out.  Thankfully, Echo chose to drop the very much alive, adult scorpion at that point and DH stomped it.  Oy vey.  We've caught both Maya and various cats batting at scorpions or following them as they walk across the floor, but NEVER have we caught any with one actually in their mouths.

Echo seems to be fine and in fact has been hunting the same area hoping for more new toys to play with.  I think I would have stroked out seeing that tail hanging out of his mouth.  This after he ate some yarn yesterday and thankfully threw it right back up before it could do any damage.  I know how dangerous stuff like that is for cats, so I'm normally very careful with the yarn, especially around Echo who I know likes to chew on stuff like that, but he got into some anyway.


Winona said...

I think Echo needs a timeout. LOL I would have so freaked out to see something like that. Glad your hubby got him to drop it. I am from Missouri, so know nothing about scorpions. Are they poisonous to cats? May sound like a dumb question, but I have never been to a desert. Hope things go better from now on. Winona

SheilaC said...

I know that every area of the country has their critters that you need to learn to live with..... scorpions??? Not so much, thank you. :)

I am glad the kitty is okay!! I am sure a scorpion sting would NOT be a good thing for a little cat.


Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Scary! Glad Echo is ok. How to teach him not to touch???