Friday, December 17, 2010

The Last Christmas Gift is Done!

I played hooky from work today in order to finish the bag I am making my aunt for Christmas.  As I mentioned in a previous post, this was my first bag and I found it easier to make than I anticipated.  The only part I had left to do today was to cut the cardboard to go in the bottom and cover it with fabric.  There were no instructions as to how to best cover the cardboard, so I did it in the same manner as I would wrap a gift using double sided tape to hold it in place and then blind stitching the loose edges.  I did press all of the sides under about a half an inch before wrapping the cardboard.  That approach seemed to work well and resulted in a nice finished look, although it was a bit time consuming to do the hand stitching.

Now I just need to get it wrapped and in the mail.  I should still be able to get it there by Christmas.  Fortunately, I have the perfect box on hand so I will wrap it up this afternoon and run it down to the post office.  Fingers crossed that I will be able to use the self service kiosk and avoid all the lines. 

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Phyllis in Minnesota said...

For the bottom of my purses I use a 1/4" thick white tag board (usually available at JoAnns or an art supply store), take the measurements and make a pillow case type covering. They are fun and addictive to make.
Enjoy, Phyllis