Saturday, December 18, 2010

Painting Day 1

Ok, so the first major change I am making to what is now my house (wow, do I love saying that!), is to paint the master bedroom.  It has never been painted since we moved in almost 14 years ago, mainly because the water bed couldn't be moved without draining it and I didn't want to paint all of the walls but one.  The original paint is builders grade flat in eggshell white, so to say that it is showing it's age would be an understatement.  Now that T is gone, the master bedroom furniture is as well, so before I move back in, I wanted to get the room painted and the carpets cleaned. 

The room is so large that I've decided to make it my quilting studio as well.  The bay window has the best view in the house and is perfect for my sewing table and one of the huge walls will be great for using as a design wall, which I've not had the luxury of having up to this point.

Here are the before pictures.  They start with the wall as you walk into the room and go all the way around and back to the door.  The large wall just inside the door is the wall I plan to use for my design wall.  You can see that I sampled 4 different colors of purple paint.  The dark ended up being too dark and the lightest ended up being too light, but I thought the middle two shades were just right so that's what I went with.  They are the top two of the three shown in the picture of the bay window.

The plan is to put the lighter shade on the large wall just inside the door, as well as in the inside of the bay window and the wall below the plant shelf which leads to the master bath.  The darker shade will go on the wall above the plant shelf, the wall surrounding the bay window and the large wall with the window, which is where the bed will go as well.  I think I will also be replacing the wall lamps, but I've left them for now because they are the only lights in the room at the moment.

Today I started with the large wall just inside the door.  One gallon of paint, one near fall off the ladder, and about 4 hours of total time later, this is what that wall looks like now.  Oh, and it's really not two toned at the top and the side.  Those were the last parts I did, so the paint was still drying.  And this picture is after the first coat only.  I forgot to take a picture after the second coat.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow! 



Exuberant Color said...

That is one huge room to paint. Going up and down that ladder is really a work out.
I'm glad you will have a design wall too. I can't imagine not having one now after 25 years of using one.

carol fun said...

Love the color and I'm in total awe of your energy. You will get one heck of a workout going up and down that ladder - take care - can't wait to see the finished project.