Sunday, December 19, 2010

Purple, Anyone?

Anyone who knows me, knows that my favorite color is purple.  So once I decided that the master bedroom space would also be used as my quilting studio, purple was the logical choice for paint color.  Well, to me it was anyway lol.

Day 1 of the painting project was covered in yesterday's post, which also includes all of the before pictures.  Today I got an early start and made great progress.  I'm thinking one more decent day of work and I should be done.  The two large walls both have two coats of paint, except for the obvious open spaces on the wall with the lights.  Those spaces are open because that's where I finished up with the first gallon of paint.  Had I still been on speaking terms with the extension ladder at that point, I may have been inclined to open the second gallon, but since I wasn't, I moved on to the next phase of the project which did not require the extension ladder. 

Speaking of ladders, I have a beautiful set of matching bruises on the backside of both calves from leaning on the step ladder, along with misc other bruises on the front of my legs and on my arm.  Good thing it's not shorts weather, or someone would probably think I'd taken a beating.

So today I got at least one coat on all of the remaining areas except the bay window.  Now that I have the rest of the room painted, I think I'm going to switch how I do the bay window and put the lighter color on the outside wall and the darker color in the bay portion. 

Here are the pictures of today's work.  It was a perfect day for painting.  The temperature outside got up to 70, so I was able to open the window for most of the day, which was great.

The next two photos of the entry to the master bath really show the contrast between the two paint colors which isn't apparent in the photo above.  I am really pleased with how the room is turning out.

And now I'm off to eat my dinner, have a glass of wine, and probably do nothing else productive for the rest of the evening!

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Regina said...

Looks marvelous!!!