Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cat or Rabbit???

I've discussed before that Sassy is not only a thief with regard to small household items, but is also obsessed with people food.  We can't leave any kind of plate with food sitting out unattended if she's around and she generally gets locked in the bedroom when meals are being cooked. 

Yesterday I was making a salad for lunch and while I was distracted, she jumped up on the counter and stole a piece of lettuce right out of the bowl.  I thought surely she was just going to play with it rather than eat it, but no, she gobbled it down in about 3 seconds flat.  So for kicks, I gave her another one.  I figured after she tasted the first piece, she wouldn't be interested in the second piece.  It didn't have dressing or anything, so how much taste would it have for a cat?  Here's her chowing on the second piece.  It was gone as fast as the first one.

And with her third piece, also gone as fast as the other two.  At that point I put her in the bedroom so I could finish making and eating my salad in peace.

On an unrelated note, thank you to everyone that left comments on my last post about labeling quilts.  I'm still pondering a bit, but I think I've made some decisions as to my personal "quilt labeling" policies.  I'll do a follow up post when I get things ironed out.

On another unrelated note, I still have some Christmas and 30's fabric for sale in this post.  If you are looking to add either of those types of fabric to your stash, please check it out.


Char said...

My cat eats lettuce also, actually she eats anything green and leafy.
Previously I had a cat who ate broccoli!

Loris said...

Mine have eaten grass but never lettuce. I had one with a thyroid tumor who would tear open the dog food bags before she got treatment.

Marjorie said...

My cat only eats green things before she hurls....how'd that work out?

Mary said...

We can't leave any food in Chesty's reach either but luckily he can't climb like a cat so the counters are safe.

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Our old cat used to love tomatoes!
And our dog Tiffi will eat anything! She is always under our feet when preparing food. Olives aren't really her favourite, though :)

Claudia said...

My Tinkerbelle cat grabs anything green, lettuce, celery, etc....and 2 of the other cats will knock you over for green olives.

SheilaC said...

At least she wasn't eating your plants!


jillquilts said...

My dogs won't touch lettuce with a 10 foot pole! And Maisy loves carrots and apples, but Maxie only plays around with them. lol