Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Playtime is Finished!

As I mentioned yesterday, I finished sewing the purple squares on the Playtime quilt last night.  Here is the final finished quilt.  The story of how this quilt came about is in this post.

A closeup of the purple squares, which were quilted on with a raw edge:

A closeup of the rest of the quilting:

The back, as well as a closeup of the quilting on the back:

The threads I used were YLI Jewel in the bobbin and Coats & Clark #'s 810 (purple variegated) and 826 (yellow variegated) on the top.

On a pet note, Maya decided that Echo needed a bath this weekend.  He allowed her to thoroughly wash him from front to back and even rubbed his head on hers and moved closer when she took a break.  He's such a kook.  He looked like he had a really bad hairdo for quite awhile afterwards and he was also a bit crunchy.


Loris said...

Great quilting on Playtime!
Maya must be a sweetheart :-)

Char said...

I know that look! Picturing it made me laugh out loud!

Sandra said...

This little quilt is stunning! I really like how you did the quilting. Is this an original pattern? I've not seen anything like it before.