Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Option #2 it is!

Thank you to everyone who voted for the options for finishing my Playtime quilt that I wrote about in this post.  The clear cut winner was Option #2, the purple squares set on point. 

That was my original plan for finishing the quilt, which was why the squares were cut and the quilting was done the way it was in the yellow squares.  After I pinned the purple squares on, I started questioning my plan, so I figured I'd throw it out to the blogging world and see if I was way off base or not.  Glad to know that I wasn't :-).

I finally got the squares quilted on tonight, but don't have time to write a detailed post with pictures of the quilting, etc., so look for that at a later date.  Right now I am off to work on health insurance applications with DH.  Fun, fun.  NOT.  I also realized when I pulled this picture back up, how much I liked my floors in Texas for taking pictures.  They are really nice for setting off the quilts, unlike the light colored tile that I have here in Phoenix.


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That is one happy, sweet quilt. Love the colors!