Monday, June 28, 2010

To Label or Not to Label - Conclusion

Thank you to everyone that commented on this post regarding whether or not I should label all of my finished quilts, including those that will be sold.  After reading all of the comments and putting some more thought into the subject, I have concluded that I really do want to label all of my quilts, both small and large, and not because I'm being guilted into doing it.  As many people pointed out, if nothing else, I should take credit for my work.  With all of the time and effort we put into our quilts, I certainly can't disagree with that argument.

I think the thing that was holding me back was that most of my quilts aren't made for a specific purpose and I don't know that a quilt I decide to keep today won't be sold 5 years from now.  I was afraid that a buyer wouldn't want a 5 year old quilt, for example, but I decided that as long as I identify the quilt as coming from my personal collection and the actual age and condition of the quilt at that time, I should be fine and can leave the original quilt label as is.  Basically, I didn't want to waste my time making and attaching labels only to have to remove or change them later.  That said, if I were to pull a quilt from my collection that is not a current quilt and I intend to give it as a gift, I would certainly remove the label and make a new one with personalized information for the recipient.  I don't make many gift quilts, so there shouldn't be too many "re-do's" of labels.  I don't add my labels until the quilting is done, and don't plan to change that practice, so if I sold a quilt and the buyer really didn't want a label on it, they could always remove it.  However, since my labels are removable, I think I will come up with some other small unique marking that I can inconspicuously put on all of my quilts to identify them as mine. 

So that's my conclusion on quilt labels.  I guess as soon as I'm back from vacation I best get cracking on catching up on my labeling because I am waaaaaayyy behind :-).  Now that I've finally settled on a "procedure" that I think will work for me, I'm anxious to get it implemented.  Thanks again for all of the input!

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