Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fresh Picked Apricots & Pet Pics

We got home from vacation just in time to start harvesting the apricots from our tree.  This is a young tree that is only in it's second growing season, so we are very pleased with the decent crop we have.  Now if we can only save the fruit from the birds, we'll be in good shape.  We put up netting before we left on vacation, but the birds are very persistent this year.  They have resorted to ripping holes in the netting to get in.  We had a previous apricot tree for years until the two current dogs killed it by ripping the limbs off, and the netting always worked to keep the birds out.

The first picture is the tree before any picking and the second picture is the first fruit we picked on Tuesday, minus the ones we ate while we were picking *grin*.  Even the ones that don't look completely ripe seem to have a really good flavor. 

Here's what is still left after the first picking:

I had to get back in the habit of snapping pet pics after we got back home, and I've gotten a few good ones this past week.  I've also had several requests for more pictures of the dogs, so I got a few good ones of them as well.  DH also got this picture of Koda and Echo a couple of days ago.

I got one of Echo on Wednesday in one of his unusual sleeping locations.  I could understand if he laid on the sewing machine tray or behind it, but half on and half off?  That just doesn't seem comfortable, but he slept there for quite awhile so it must have been suitable for him.  Tyrone has taken up residence lately in the spot behind the machine between the machine and the wall.  You can just see his head behind Echo.

Sassy was being her usual sassy self on Wednesday night while we watched TV.  We have had to remove the large vase that used to live on top of this entertainment center for fear that it would meet the same fate as the pot from the plant shelf.  She gets up there by jumping on the free standing speaker, but does it so quietly that you usually don't hear her.  She gets taken down multiple times and just waits for a few minutes and goes right back up. 

Here's her response to being caught up there:

And here's her response to being told to get down:

Typical Sassy response, although sometimes she also at least acknowledges you with a squeak.

Do you think she knows that we have no power over her and that she can get away with whatever she wants?  It seems to me that she does.

I got a few good pictures of the dogs early Thursday morning when I was checking on the apricot tree.  They are hard to photograph unless the light is just right outside since they are so dark.

Koda standing around watching me and Maya:

Must have gotten tired so he sat down in the same spot.  Of course, it is already 80 degrees out at 6 a.m., so who could blame him for wanting to rest.

Maya wandering back from checking the gate and visiting with Rocco, the dog next door who has something to say alllll day long.  I probably would too if I were left alone in a small section of the back yard for hours and hours and hours, whether my owner is home or not.  I feel so bad for the little guy.  It's hard to get mad at him for barking as he's just bored and wants someone to play with him.  I know that the owner knows he barks because many time the owner is home while he's doing it.  Or maybe his hearing isn't is good as ours???


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura...Glad you are patient with the lonely dog that barks all day. Is it the kind of situation where you can 'dog sit' during the day while they are gone? I 'sit' for my DD1's dog a lot. She knows my house is home away from home. :)

Winona said...

Hi Laura, I love the pictures of your furbabies. Your Sassy sounds just like my Callie. I told her this morning that she had to stay down from my cutting mat. As soon as my back was turned, there she was. LOL She is asleep on the ironing board right now. Little does she know, that I am about to move her. I have some piecing to do. LOL Enjoy those apricots. Hope your doggies don't get too hot. All that black hair must be miserable at this time of the year. Have a good day. Winona

Allyson said...

Love all your cute little dogs and cats. Your cat always seems to be in the most uncomfortable looking position. How does she not have a stiff neck half the time?

Fresh apricots...divine.