Thursday, June 24, 2010

Placemats are Done!

My sister selected some fabric and a pattern and requested a tablerunner for last Christmas.  Here is the finished tablerunner.  The red fabric is a 3 Sisters fabric for Moda called Peace on Earth and it's gorgeous!

A closeup of one block:

And the back showing the quilting:

You are probably wondering what this tablerunner has to do with the placemats I refer to in the title of my post.  Well, there was plenty of fabric left over, so I told my sister that I could make matching placemats for her, but that she wouldn't get them until after tax season.  That was fine by her.  Then after I booked my trip home this summer, for which I leave tomorrow, I just had to get them done so I could bring them with me.  I cut them out in April and finally got them finished this week.

I about had a heart attack when I was cutting the last two centers as I forgot about the directionality issue with the fabric and cut them the wrong way.  Thankfully I had enough fabric to re-cut them.

A single placemat followed by the complete set:

A closeup of the quilting:

And the back:

Echo was VERY helpful during the quilting process.  I quilted the placemats over the course of a couple of days and both times Echo came and laid behind the sewing machine and watched.  He was really good except for the one time he grabbed the thread.  After he got banned from the room for awhile after that, he learned that he could stay if he just looked but didn't touch.

He supervised the work on the left side of the needle:

And on the right side of the needle:

Silly boy!


Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Beautiful place mats. Lucky sisters!
Echo is so sweet.

Thelma said...

Laura, wonderful job on the placemats, piecing and quilting, what a wonderful holiday ensemble for your sister.

I love that fabric, how did I miss out on it!

Loris said...

Echo is such a big help :-)
The runner and placemats are wonderful! Have a great trip.

Bethany said...

LOL seeing Echo with your sewing machine. My cat, Bandit, does the same thing with "helping". His favorte position is on top of the sewing machine batting his paws on each side. I've learned to put the needle in needle down so he doesn't try to sew himself. Or he gets banished to another room for his own safety.

jillquilts said...

Those look fantastic!! Great job!! Too funny about Echo watching that closely! lol

Winona said...

Laura, what a beautiful table runner and place mats. Your sister is a lucky woman. I love the pictures of Echo. He is a very handsome boy. Winona