Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cats can be just like kids...

We got quite a chuckle about a kitty incident last night and then a similar instance happened again today.  Sassy is the little troublemaker in the house and is always into something she's not supposed to be.  You can't leave an eggshell or any other food in the sink for a millisecond before running it down the disposal or she will abscond with it.  She made off with an eggshell one time and I finally found it in the hall closet, thankfully within an hour of her taking it, so it didn't smell or anything.

Anyway, last night she was somewhere she wasn't supposed to be, which I discovered just as Echo came walking up to see what she was doing.  As I called to DH, she took off out of the room and immediately laid down on the rug so as he passed by she looked like she'd been laying there all along and poor Echo was still sitting at the scene of the crime not having a clue that he'd just been set up to take the fall.  We had quite a laugh at her antics...just like the pesky sibling that sets you up to take the fall for their wrongdoings.

Same thing happened today.  We heard a crash and by the time we got there, Sassy was nowhere to be seen, but again, poor Echo was sitting right there.  We knew he hadn't done it as he'd been sitting right in front of me when we heard the crash, but once again, she totally set him up and he had no clue.  She's so cute, though, and never gets in too much trouble.  The only thing she's actually damaged is the clay pot she knocked off an 8 foot plant shelf at 2 a.m. one night.  Sadly, the pot did not survive.

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