Sunday, January 24, 2010

Google Reader/Batting Scraps Organized

I'm sure this is not news for most of you reading this, but I checked out Google Reader finally after reading about it again on someone else's blog.  Wow, what an easy, efficient way to keep up with blogs!  Who knew?  Probably all of you, that's who.  I had seen other bloggers commenting on it before, but just never got around to setting it up.  Now I can't believe I waited this long and how much time I probably wasted keeping up with blog reading "the old way" (i.e. via bookmarks or webrings where you didn't know if the blogs were updated or not).  I got most of the blogs I like to read added yesterday in between work stuff and it is so easy to just cruise through this morning.

On a quilty note, I finally got my batting scraps sorted and organized yesterday.  I recently started prewashing some of my batting so now I have scraps that are prewashed and scraps that aren't.  With all of those quilts I quilted in December, I also had a lot of unfiled trimmings.  I use pieced battings when I can so I do use the trimmings that I save.  Yesterday I got everything sorted by size and separated by prewashed and not, with the prewashed pieces labled with a sticky.  I also separated out the non Warm 'n Natural batting, which wasn't much, just some large scraps of wool from Dawn and some large scraps of unknown content that my longarmer gave to me thinking they were mine.  I will probably use those in pet quilts since I don't know what the fiber content is.  I meant to take a picture, but had it all put away before I remembered.  I was NOT taking it back out :-).  I also worked on a dishcloth while watching the ladies figure skating championship, but didn't get very far.

I am off to Dawn's in a few hours for a quilting day, so I'm hoping to have a much more interesting post later today or tomorrow.


Leah S said...

Google reader is my lifesaver! I would never be able to enjoy as many blogs as I do without it. Currently I have over 700 subscriptions. Thankfully, not all 700 post every day! :)

jillquilts said...

I love Reader, too! I used an old one before, but Reader has much more information on the page and blog.

Woo hoo on organizing your batting pieces!!