Monday, January 4, 2010

Shredding, not Sewing

While I'm on vacation this week, I want to do some de-cluttering of various areas of our home.  I got DH on board with the project, so we started with the office yesterday.  I work from home so this room is both a home and work office.  We started with purging 9 years worth of household bills/statements.  That project carried over to today, but is now complete and we have added numerous bags of shredded paper to the recycle bin.  We are currently about 80% paperless for our personal bills/statements, so this shouldn't be such a chore going forward.  I'm hoping to be about 95% paperless by the end of 2010.  I'd like to be at 100%, but there is always going to be some amount of paperwork that comes in.  My work is 95% paperless, but I still have one box full of notes, etc. that needs to be shredded so I can start the year with an empty slate, so to speak.  I figure one box of paper to be shredded at the end of each year isn't too bad.  In between bouts of shredding, I have added a computer, the related monitor, numerous computer cords, etc. and a scanner to the donation pile.  I'm hoping to finish the shredding by tomorrow so I can move on to the other items in the office and be done with that room by Wednesday at the latest.  Ty and Maya go to the vet tomorrow morning and I have a continuing education class on Wednesday afternoon, but I think I should have enough time tonight and tomorrow to finish up the office by the time I leave for class on Wednesday.

Oh, and as the bill boxes got emptied, look who had to check them out.

The other part of the office I worked on today was my bookcase.  I got some new collections of books off of ebay the past couple of weeks and needed to make room, so I pulled everything out, rearranged, and this is the final result.

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