Friday, January 22, 2010

Crazy day yesterday

After I wrote my post the other day, I tried to stay up to watch my Wednesday night TV, but finally gave up and went to bed at 7:30.  Yes, 7:30.  I slept until 4:30 the next morning, but still spent all day yesterday fighting cold/flu like symptoms.  I even had to lay down and take a nap at one point.  After much research over the last few months and keeping tracking of my headaches and these cold/flu like bouts that seem to come every month, I have concluded that these episodes are hormone related, so the next step is to see what I can do about it.  I can't feel like I have a cold/flu for a week every month, and lose valuable hobby time in addition to work time, especially this time of year when I already have a bunch of tax returns in for prep.

While I was sleeping part of the afternoon away, we were experiencing one of the worst storms in Arizona history.  Once the sun comes up, I will try to get some pictures of the yard, although I can already tell that a lot of the water has soaked in.  Last night, a huge section of the yard was like one big lake and the pool water had gone up by 2 inches.  The wind was so strong at times that we went out in the rain last night to try and get some trees re-secured in hopes that they wouldn't topple over.  From what I can see in the dark, they are leaning this morning, but still standing.  The ground is just too soaked to hold the stakes in place.  The rain stopped at some point overnight, thankfully.  Some parts of the valley got double the rain we did, so I'd hate to see what the yard would have looked like then and the pool probably would have been close to overflowing.  DH built a burm on Wednesday to try and keep the water from pooling around the pool equipment and that side of the house and it seemed to do the job pretty well, except during the worst of the storm.  We'll see how the equipment does when we turn it back on.  We've had it off for the past several days.

Update: Here's some pictures of the results of the storm.  All of the areas with standing water had 2-3 times more water last night.  The bird feeding area (the dirt area at the end of the sidewalk) was a small pond.  The ground is so saturated in parts of the yard that you can't even walk across the rocks without starting to sink.  The pool water is supposed to be below the first tile.  It's so high right now that you can barely see the first tile above the water.

On a quilty/stitchy note, in between propping trees up, I did get a couple of dishcloths crocheted last night while watching a new show called The Deep End, which I enjoyed, followed by Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, both of which were good episodes.

And now I better go get some work done and hope that the computer gremlins that messed with my system yesterday are gone, as well as the hormone gremlims.  I know those won't be gone yet, but I took some Excedrin Extra Strength that I hope will at least keep my functional.

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jillquilts said...

Glad you guys are safe! Has there been anymore rain since then? Did you guys avoid the snow?