Saturday, January 16, 2010

Did a little stitching today

I had to work today, but wrapped things up by 2 so I could settle in for the Cardinals playoff game at 2:30, which they unfortunately lost, quite badly in fact.  I got my quilting/stitching "Hit List" completed while I watched the game, which is my running list of needlework to do's that is comprised of the specifics behind my overall yearly goals.  The list helps keep me focused and gives me a list to choose from when I'm looking for a project to work on.  There's always something that will pique my interest at any particular time.

After I finished the list, I was in the mood to cross-stitch, so I took advantage of my currently good eyesight and pulled out a small ornament project I started last fall.  As tax season progresses, my eyes will be too tired to even consider working on these small stitch count projects.  I have about a third more stitching to do and then the stitching will be complete.  This piece is called Woodland Noel by Heart in Hand.


mereth said...

Yep, lists are good.Sometimes I think I get more pleasure from crossing the ufo off the list than in the finished item itself. I don't do cross-stitch but I have knitting projects as well.The winter olympics will be good for working on a few of them, but I'll have to have the air-conditioner on!

Lori in South Dakota said...

I've enjoyed cruising your blog. By any chance are you a little OCD (from an OCD person herself!)?? Definitely type A! Oh, I would love to move from SD to somewhere where its WARMER in the winter!