Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

20 years ago today I arrived in the big city of Phoenix.  Coming from Rugby, North Dakota, a small town of about 1,600 people at the time, this was a huge move for me.  I moved here to finish my accounting degree at Arizona State and I'm still here, for the time being anyway.  DH and I plan to move to Texas eventually.  I remember arriving to a rainy, cool day, with temperatures in the 50's, and laughing about how everyone was bundled up in coats.  To me, this was a minimum of a 50 degree improvement from what I'd come from and it felt downright balmy, and there was certainly no need for a coat!  Fast forward a year and I had acclimated and become one of those people for whom sweatshirt weather begins when the temps drop below 60, or possibly even 70, depending on if it's sunny or not LOL.  That could have had something to do with the fact that my first summer here recorded the hottest date in history - 122 degrees registered at Sky Harbor Airport on June 26, 1990.  It's never come close to that again, thankfully.

I have high hopes and big plans for 2010 and am hoping for a great year.  I wish the same to the rest of you out on blogland!

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