Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm either crazy or I really, really, really love my Janome 6600

I'll go with the second option.  I purchased my first (a clue where this post is going) Janome 6600 three and a half years ago.  I have loved everything about it from the second I got it, except for transporting it.  The thing is a beast and I don't have much space in my sewing room (aka the guest room) to maneuver it in and out of the travel case.  Disregarding the back story of the past couple of days whereby I even started thinking about getting a second 6600 (I do have an older Elna that could be used in a pinch, but it doesn't sew anything like the Janome), the bottom line is that I put a deposit on one this morning at the same dealer where I bought the first one.  They have to bring it over from another store to the one closest to me, so I can pick it up Wednesday.  I basically paid the same price as I paid for the first one, so I feel I got a pretty good deal.  I will also ask them to kick in the extra straight stitch throat plate when I pick it up, as that was the only add-on I've had to purchase for my original machine.  I have been saving some of my stash money all year long and I had enough to pay for 2/3 of the cost, so the additional out of pocket is not too bad.  As my husband said, I certainly don't need any more fabric (see previous post on my stash), so why not spend it on another sewing machine if that's what I wanted.  I couldn't argue with that.

The plan is to keep this second machine in the traveling case for use for class, taking to Dawn's etc., and to sell the Elna since I will no longer need it as a backup.

I'm very excited to get the new machine.  Fingers crossed that it works as great as the first one.  I know a few people have gotten lemons, but for the most part, everyone that has this machine loves it.  And if by chance I get a lemon, I will take it right back for an exchange.  I know how it's supposed to work, so it should be obvious pretty quickly if something isn't right.

Update:  I called the store to see if they would throw in some of the new accessories that have come out since I purchased my original machine and my new machine was already at the shop.  So, I convinced DH to go up there with me right away rather than waiting until tomorrow.  So, here is my new baby.  I also got them to throw in the FMQ bobbin case and a package of bobbins and they gave me 20% off the ditch quilting foot.  I can't wait to try these new accessories when I quilt my next quilt.  I did not purchase the straight stitch throat plate as they only had it in combo with a foot that I don't like (just like with my original purchase), but I found the plate only on-line for $22.  The local store was honest and said there's no way they could beat that price, even if they could get the product, and to go ahead and order it on-line, so that's what I plan to do.

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