Saturday, January 30, 2010

Computer is as good as it's going to get for tax season

I have some quirks to work out, but for the most part, the new computer is at full functionality for tax season.  Neither printer will work, one because it's just flat out not compatible with Windows 7 because it's too old, and the other for some unknown reason.  The second one is really the scanner, and it is supposed to be compatible with Windows 7, but in spite of downloading and installing the updated drivers, it still won't talk to the computer.  Dell won't help unless I pay them because the printer is out of warranty.  I thought that was a bit crappy since it's the new computer that is the problem and that is most definitely IN warranty.  Oh, well.  I can run both with the laptop, so on the rare occasion that I need to print, or if I need to scan something, I will hook up the laptop, do what I need to do and transfer the data to the desktop via a flashdrive.  After tax season I will look into purchasing a new scanner/printer/copier.  I never really loved the one I have, and a new one shouldn't have any compatibility issues, so it isn't a huge tragedy or expense to have to purchase a new one. 

I did get a trial version of my paperless software downloaded that I can use for 45 days, presumably long enough to finally get a call back from the company as to what to do with my license, so that was far more important.  I am paperless for both work and home, so that software effectively IS my printer and without it, I was lost.  I use it multiple times a day, many times multiple times an hour, so it was like missing a limb.  I suspect I will be forced to purchase a new license even though I have a fully paid license already that is trapped on the old computer, but again, a worthwhile expense at this point. 

Email for work came back fully restored and then some.  Does anyone know why, when you restore an Outlook file, that everything you have filed in folders, also reappears in your in-box?  I had to delete almost 3000 extra messages from my in-box.  That was a pain, but I'd rather have too much data than too little.  I have one other problem with Outlook to solve after tax season, but for now, I will just deal with it.  New emails from all 3 work email addresses are coming in fine as well.  If my paperless software is like one of my limbs, Outlook is too, as that's how my clients send me everything.  So now I've got all of my limbs back!  Yeah!

The home email is another story.  For those of you who use Outlook Express, be aware that the program no longer exists in Windows 7.  It has been replaced by a program called Windows Mail, or something like that if that's not the correct name.  Supposedly you can import your Outlook Express file, but I haven't tried it.  I haven't even set up the Windows Mail as I can access my home email remotely and I've been so focused on getting the work stuff back in order that I haven't even tried doing anything with the home email.

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jillquilts said...

Oh, good luck with the computer issues, they are a total bummer!!!